My Account on Mobile
Visual Guide
Access My Account on your mobile device no matter where you are! This simple yet functional mobile portal will allow you to:
Make Payments, Reloads and Purchases On the Go
The convenient way to make payments, perform reloads and purchase Valuepacks or SuperBooster™ with just a few taps. Select an option below to learn more:
• Make Payments • Perform Reloads
• Purchase Valuepacks • Purchase SuperBooster™
Manage Your Account
Check your Yes account from account details, data, minutes and SMS balance, remaining quota, and unbilled charges, at your convenience! Select an option below to learn more:
• Postpaid • Prepaid
Change Your Password
This allows you to keep your account safe and the hackers at bay. Select an option below to learn more:
• Change Password (Postpaid) • Change Password (Prepaid)
• Reset Password
My Account on Mobile FAQ
1. What is My Account on Mobile?
My Account on Mobile is a mobile application/channel that lets you make payments, reloads, purchases and also allows you to update your details whenever and wherever you are.
2. What can I do with My Account on Mobile?
My Account on Mobile provides you with the following services:
  1. SuperBooster™ and Valuepack/Campuspack purchases
  2. Instant Payments and Reloads
  3. Account details updates
3. How do I use My Account on Mobile?
Refer to the step by step guide here.
4. Is My Account on Mobile available for my phone?
My Account on Mobile supports modern smartphones on the Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry platforms.
5. Do I need to download My Account on Mobile to my phone?
No, you don’t. Simply enter on your mobile browser and you’ll be taken to My Account on Mobile.
6. Do I need to register to use My Account on Mobile?
No, you don't.
7. Is accessing My Account on Mobile free of charge?
No, you will be charged for data when accessing and using My Account on Mobile. Charges may vary, based on your mobile service provider.
8. The My Account on Mobile display is not optimised on my handphone. Why is this so?
You may be experiencing some compatibility issues with your phone and our website (which is optimised for most phones). We suggest you contact your handphone manufacturer to get further information regarding this matter.
9. What are the payment options available on My Account on Mobile?
We support all payment channels that are currently available in Please click here for payment options.
11. How do I change my password?
Login normally and select the "Change Password" tab. A notification email will be sent to your alternate email account once the process is completed successfully.
12. How do I check my data, voice and SMS balances?
You can view your balances by clicking on the Accounts Details tab when you log into My Account on Mobile.
13. How do I reload and purchase Valuepacks on My Account on Mobile?
Log into My Account mobile and click on the Reload tab. You’ll need your credit card to complete the process. A notification email will be sent when the transaction is completed. You may reload a minimum of RM 10 to a maximum of RM 150. You can also use Yes Credits to purchase Valuepacks via My Account on Mobile.
14. Can I use my Reload Cards on My Account on Mobile?
Yes, you can. Just click on the Reload tab when you log in and select "Reload Card". Enter the activation code from your Reload Card and submit. The reload will be credited into your account the next business day.
15. How do I check the expiry date on my Valuepack?
You’ll find the expiry date in your Account Details tab.
17. Can I view My Account on Mobile via Yes Life’s iOS & Android app?
Yes, you can.
18. Can I view my Payment and Purchase Details on My Account on Mobile?
Yes, you can. You will be able to view your payment and purchase history for the past 6 months.
19. How about my usages? Can I check on My Account on Mobile?
Yes, you can. Please refer to visual guide:
Postpaid under Usage Summary
Prepaid under Account Overview