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Yes Buzz 4G Cloud Phone

1. Why should I get the Buzz?
To access Yes Internet service on the go in an instant, you'll have to get the Buzz, a 4G mobile phone capable of browsing the web at up to 10 times the speed of 3G and also doubles up as an Internet modem for your computer.
2. How does using Buzz save me money?
Our nationwide voice call and SMS rates are the lowest in the market and this includes international calling rates.

You can even call from overseas using Yes Life on any Internet connection and still only pay the same low rates. No extravagant connection, installation and setup fees.
3. Speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G - how fast is that?
That's downloading a song in about 6 seconds, there's just no more wasting time waiting for your favourite web sites, videos and music to load. They'll be available instantly with no interruptions.
4. How do I find out if I'm in an area supported by Yes and where else can I use Yes in Malaysia?
Yes covers 65% of Peninsula Malaysia but we are working night and day to expand the coverage nationwide. You can find out if your area is covered by checking our coverage map at
5. Can I use Buzz for making calls overseas?
Yes you can and our rates are the lowest in the country to over 200 countries. It starts from 9 sen per minute to Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea Landline, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and US. You can check the rates to other countries at

Don't forget you can also SMS to more than 135 countries at 18 sen per SMS. Again, that's the lowest rate in the market. Save 10-64%.
6. What is Yes Life? What is it got to do with the Buzz?
Yes Life is a 4G computer phone software that is free and exclusive to Yes customers. With the software, a Buzz user can also receive calls and SMS to their 018 mobile number on a computer installed with the software. User can also call and SMS out from the software as if it was from the Buzz phone. This is the advantage of using Yes 4G. All services are integrated together for the customers so that they can use them on any Yes 4G compatible devices they want. Example, install Yes Life on your office and home PC and just login with your Yes ID on either one for calls, SMS and more.
7. Will there be any sneaky roaming charges I need to be aware of?
No, there are no roaming charges as we are running on our own 4G network. We do not compromise on the service we provide to you by sharing a network with other parties.
8. How much are my roaming cost when traveling overseas?
There is no roaming cost when you traveling overseas. Just login to Yes Life phone software on your PC using any Internet connection and you'll be able to make and receive calls and SMS. You'll be charged on the same low 9 sen per minute, 9 sen per SMS and our lowest international calling rates.
1. How do I setup my Yes Mail service?
You can setup Yes Mail via the Setup Wizard. The setup process is very simple. Select the Yes Mail setup and key in your Yes Mail address and password. Allow the device to sync with server (5 to 8 seconds) and you're done!

You also can setup other mailboxes such as Yahoo Plus, Hotmail, Gmail and other.
2. What email protocol does Yes Mail on Buzz supports?
Buzz supports SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 only.
3. What can I do if the picture is too large to be attached to the email?
If the image file is too large to be sent by email, you can resize the image using the Image editor. Use the following steps to edit the picture:
  1. Go to "Options", select "New image" and "Open".
  2. Browse and select the image to be resized.
  3. Go to "Options", select "Transform" and "Resize".
  4. Choose the new image resolution or specify a customized size to reduce the file size.
  5. Select "Done".
  6. Go to "Options" and select "Send via Email".
  7. Select a location and save the resized image.
  8. Select "Yes" to attach the resized image.
4. Why do I get "Connection failed" error when I download/send Yes Mail on Buzz?
Try the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Ensure that the date and time settings on the phone are set correctly.
  • Ensure that the email address, user name and password are set correctly.
  • If you have turned on Auto polling for email, ensure that the Auto keypad lock is turned off. When the email server is accessed, there will be certificate prompt pop up, ensure that "Accept" is selected.
File Transfer
1. How do I transfer files to my friend?
Go to Message > Select Create Message > Select item.4 File Transfer > Select the file that you want to send/transfer > Select the receiver from your phonebook and click the send button. Once the receiver acknowledges then the transfer process will begin. The entire file will be saved into the folder "Other folder" under My File. Please also ensure the receiver have enough memory space to save the file.
2. What is the maximum file size I can transfer?
The recommended maximum file size is 3 to 5 MB.
Accessing Voice Mail
1. How do I access my voicemail?
When signed in with your Yes ID, please dial 121 on Yes Life or any Yes handset to access your voice mail. As a security measure, you will be asked for your password. If you are accessing your voicemail for the first time, the default password is "0000" and you will be prompted to change the default password.
2. I totally forgot my voicemail password.
Please call YesCare at 018-333 0000 (charges of 9 sen/minute apply) for assistance on resetting your voicemail password.
3. How do I access voicemail using other Yes IDs, non-Yes voice services and from overseas?
You can access your voicemail by dialing 018 8080 121. To access from overseas, include the country code with the number (i.e. +6 018 8080 121).
4. What are the rates for accessing voicemail?
Access to voicemail will be charged at standard nationwide rate of 9 sen per minute.
Friend Adding
1. How do I add a Friend?
You can key in your friend's Yes ID in Yes Profile -> Friend Request. Press the search after key in the Yes ID and the device will search from the database. After that, click the send key and the device will send the friend request to your friend. Once your friend confirmed, you can check your friend's status via phone book details, do file transfer, chat via the instant messaging function and more.
Instant Messaging
1. How do I instant message (IM) my friends?
Go to Message> Select Create Message > Select item.2 Yes IM > Select a friend from you phonebook and add the person into the chat room. You can add a maximum of 5 people into the same chatting session.

While chatting, you still can go back to the main screen. If there are any new updates from the chat room, the chatting icon/indicator will be blinking on top of the screen.
2. Can I IM with someone using Yes Life?
Yes you can. Anyone can IM using a Buzz or Yes Life on a personal computer.
1. How do I change the language settings on my phone?
The phone screen text and input language can be set to English, Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese (Simplified). Use the following steps to make the change:-

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Select item 4, "Phone settings".
  3. Select item 1, "Language/语言/Bahasa".
  4. Select "English", "Bahasa Malaysia" or "简体中文(Simplified Chinese)" as the Screen text and Input language.
  5. Select "Save" to confirm the settings.
1. What file format does the Music player support?
The music player supports MP3, MIDI and AAC/AAC+ formats.
2. How can I download music onto my phone?
You can transfer the music file using the Samsung "PC Studio" software that comes with your phone (see section on SOFTWARE for more information about PC Studio) or save the Music file onto a memory card and insert it into your Buzz phone.
3. Does Buzz supports radio functionality?
Unfortunately, Buzz phone does not come with a traditional radio function. As Buzz is a 4G-enabled Internet phone, you should use radio stations from the Internet instead. Just enter the web address of your favorite radio station onto the web browser on your Buzz to begin streaming radio the Internet way.
1. What is Network Address Book?
Network Address Book (NAB) is your address book function on your Buzz phone which keeps a copy of your contacts on a carrier grade backup computer so that your contacts are available to you whenever you need them from your Buzz phone or from your personal computer when using the Yes Life PC phone software exclusive to Yes customers.
2. How do I synchronize my contacts using Network Address Book (NAB)?
The device will auto synchronize with NAB every 5 minutes. You can also do this manually using the following steps:

Go to Menu > Phonebook and press option > Select menu item: "Synchronize" >Select "Start sync" to initiate synchronization.
3. How do I group my contacts?
Simply follow the following steps:
  • Select a contact you want to group from your Phone book and press the option key > Select menu item "Add contact to" > select either to group your contact into the "Favourites" group or a "Group" you create yourself from the pop out menu > Select "Group" will allow you to group that contact into an existing group that you have created previously or create a totally new group.
4. Can I customize my contacts with different ringtones and image?
Yes, you can. Just go to "Menu" > Select "Phonebook" > Select a contact > Select option from the bottom left of your screen > Select edit from the menu > scroll down the fields for that contact until you reach the "Ringtone" field > Select the ringtone you want to assign to this contact.
5. How can I add the contact from the call log
You can select a particular number from the call log and press option > Select "Add to phonebook". An option message will appear, showing "New" or "Update", "New" refers to a new contact and "Update" refers to updating an existing number from the phonebook. Proceed by keying in the rest of the details for the contact such as name, address, email and etc.
6. How can I check my call record?
You can access the log mode by pressing the dial key followed by the left or right key to select recent contact, missed calls, dialled calls and received calls. After which, you can press the up and down keys to select the particular call number or ID. By pressing the Yes key, you can read the date, time, call duration and other details.
7. Why are my contacts mixed up with the contacts of another person when I used that person's Buzz?
When you use another person's Buzz, that person's contacts will not be removed when he/she signs out, similar to that of GSM mobile phone where contacts would not be deleted automatically when you switch the SIM card. Therefore, when you sign in to his/her phone, your contacts would be synchronized and copied from your network address book and be combined with that person's contacts.

The best way to avoid this is to delete all the contacts that were left on the Buzz before signing in, when using someone else's Buzz. Please refer to the User Manual for details explanation of the phonebook behaviour.
1. How do I reset my phone's settings?
The Phone settings, Display settings, Phone profiles and Alarms can be reset to factory default settings. Just follow the following steps: Go to "Settings" > Select item 11, "Master reset" > Select the items to be reset and press "OK" > Enter and confirm the new password if you are performing the reset for the first time. If you are repeating the reset, enter the previously selected password. > Select "Yes" to reset the settings. The phone will be restored and restarted.
Sign In/Out
1. What is IMS?
IMS stands for the Internet Protocol Multimedia Sub-System, which is the underlying technology that enables Yes to provide to customers a guaranteed high quality communications service. All customers must be logon to the IMS to enjoy Yes services.
2. Can I sign in the IMS via Sign In/Out?
When you get signed out from the IMS**, go to the "Yes Profile" > Sign In/Sign Out and press the option > Select 'Sign in IMS' and you will be reconnected back to IMS after 2-3 seconds. ** You will be signed out from IMS if either another person on another device used the same Yes ID or you are in a very low signal area and the device cannot register to the network.
1. What is Samsung New PC Studio?
Samsung New PC Studio is the Personal Computer software that allows you to connect your phone to your personal computer for transferring files and among other functions. The software is on the CD that comes with the phone.
2. Can Samsung New PC Studio run on both Windows and Mac?
Currently, Samsung New PC Studio is only available for Windows users.
3. What is the system requirement for Samsung New PC Studio?
The following are required to install and run Samsung New PC Studio:
  • Operating System : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP(SP2), Windows 2000(SP4)
  • CPU : Pentium 600 MHz or higher
  • RAM : 512MB or more
  • HDD : 200MB or more available hard disk space
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher
* Samsung New PC Studio does not support Outlook Sync in Windows 2000.
4. How do I check if my phone is running the latest software?
You can use the Samsung PC Studio to check and upgrade to the latest firmware for your phone:
  • For visual guide, download PC Studio guide here, check under "Upgrading mobile phone's firmware" for the step-by-step guide.
  • First. check for available Buzz Firmware Updates -
    Run your current PC Studio software, select and run 'Upgrade Mobile Phone' widget from the dock.
  • Second, select the connected mobile phone from display list -
    The widget will run a check and show if there's a new firmware version available.
  • Last, proceed with Upgrade - Click on 'Update' button to proceed with Firmware upgrade.
Note: Do backup your current mobile phone memory before performing upgrade, as some data and programs may be lost during the upgrade.
1. How big is the storage on my phone?
512 MB
2. What is the maximum size of the memory card I can use?
WiMAX Modem
1. How do I use my phone as a 4G modem to get on the Internet (also known as tethering)?
Your Buzz phone can be used as a modem for your computer to connect to Yes 4G networks and connecting to the Internet. Just follow these steps to get started: Press the Menu -> Select Setting -> Select phone setting -> switch the current setting to "WiMAX modem" > Connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable > Wait for 10-20 seconds for the driver to be installed (the installation is automatic but if it does not start, insert the CD that came with your phone and start the installation). Once the installation is completed, the PC will connect with the device and the Internet automatically.
Device Performance
1. My phone is switched on but is not working properly. What should I do?
The following three methods should solve the problem:
  • Method 1: Soft reset. Switch off the phone > Remove the battery > After a few seconds, re-insert the battery and switch on the phone.
  • Method 2: Restore the original factory settings as explained in the user guide. Note that your contacts and data will not be deleted after the reset.
  • Method 3: Update the software of the Buzz phone. Make sure your device is running the latest software. For downloads and assistance, go to You can update the device Software using the PC studio software that came on a CD with your phone. Remember to back up your contacts and data before updating. This can be done by using the PC Studio software or just synchronize your Yes Network Address Book after the installation.
2. What should I do if my phone does not switch on or keeps switching off on its own?
Try the following methods to eliminate the problem:

  • Method 1: Fully charge the battery according to the instructions presented in the user guide.
  • Method 2: Remove and re-insert the battery according to the instructions presented in the user guide.
  • Method 3: Check that you are using an original battery and charger compatible with your phone model. You can find compatibility information in your user guide.
  • Method 4: Make sure your device is running the latest software. You can update the device Software using the PC studio software that came on a CD with your phone. If you are unable to test your phone or it still keeps switching off, please bring it to the nearest Care point for inspection
3. Why is my device always low on power?
If your device appears to have problems retaining power, try the following methods to eliminate the problem: -

  • Method 1: Check that you are using an original battery and charger compatible with your Buzz phone.
  • Method 2: If you have another battery and charger of the same type, try substituting them to determine if the issue is with the device, the battery, or the charger.
  • Method 3: Make sure your device is running the latest software.
    It could also be due to signal capturing especially if you are in the edge of a cell area.
Incoming Calls
1. What should I do if my phone is not ringing from an incoming call?
Try the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Ensure that your phone is on and that there is sufficient signal strength. Check this by looking at the 4G signal bar and the making sure you are login to the IMS. The signal indicators on the left side of the phone's display indicate signal strength. These indicators move up as the strength of the signal increases and down as the signal decreases. IMS login status is indicated by colour of the IMS icon. You are login if the icon is blue in colour. You are logout when it's grey. To increase your phone's signal strength, try moving your phone slightly, or move towards a window if you're calling from inside a building.
  • If the phone's profile is set to Silent, Flight, Offline, or any other profile where ringing is silenced, it will not ring. Change the profile to the General or Normal profiles.
  • Ensure that the volume is not too low.
  • Make sure that the call divert function is not activated.
Network Performance
1. Occasionally my Buzz phone can sign-in but cannot call out. It will flash the "Emergency Calls only" message. What should I do?
Buzz comes with a 4G signal and IMS status indicator. When you are signed out from the IMS, the IMS icon will turn "grey" in colour and the phone will only be allowed to make emergency call. The reason for the phone to be signed out from the IMS could be due to: -

  • The same Yes ID is login onto another Buzz phone at the same time. IMS will reject the 1st Yes ID logged in.
  • The IMS is having a maintenance outage and the phone is temporary out of service. Re-login to IMS with the following steps: Go to "Menu" > Select the "Yes Profile" > Go to item 5, "Sign in/ Sing out" > Press the option. > Select option "1." Sign in IMS. The IMS icon will turn "Blue" once connected.
2. Why are my calls dropped or break up?
Dropped calls or low sound quality can result from low signal strength or signal fluctuation at the edge of a coverage zone, either at your end or at the end of the other party of the call. If you are calling from inside a building, try to move towards the windows to get a better reception.
Keypad (Slider)
1. Why some of the Java files that I downloaded from Internet doesn't rotate when I slide up my keypad?
It really depends on the Java file format and size. Some of the Java files will not fit the screen size, which means that when you slide up the phone, the screen will not be able to rotate vertically.
1. Why do I get "Page too large. Content may not be displayed properly" error when I access certain websites?
Try the following troubleshooting tips:
  • Use the mobile version of the website if it is available. For example, use "" and "" instead of "" and "".
  • Use Opera Mini browser (under Games & more) to access the website.
1. How do I update my Buzz Firmware?
You can use the Samsung PC Studio to check and upgrade to the latest firmware for your phone:
  • For visual guide, download PC Studio guide here, check under 'Upgrading mobile phone's firmware' for the step-by-step guide.
  • First. check for available Buzz Firmware Updates -
    Run your current PC Studio software, select and run 'Upgrade Mobile Phone' widget from the dock.
  • Second, select the connected mobile phone from display list -
    The widget will run a check and show if there's a new firmware version available.
  • Last, proceed with Upgrade -
    Click on 'Update' button to proceed with Firmware upgrade.
Note: Do backup your current mobile phone memory before performing upgrade, as some data and programs may be lost during the upgrade.
2. Key Highlights for Firmware Version V100YLKD1:
  • Better signal reception and battery life.
  • Email default setting for "Email receiving method" during "Auto mode" is now changed to "Auto Accept".
  • Chat function renamed as Yes IM function.
  • Call window will no longer auto turn-off when dialing own number on Yes Life.
  • Multiple Email and URL can now be added into a single profile.
Instructional Setup Video
1. Click here to view the video