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Statement of Accounts - General

1. Can I view my Statement of Account online?
2. When is my Statement date?
  • Your First Bill will be generated within 2 to 4 weeks from the date of registration. Your Statement Date will be indicated in your monthly bill statements.
3. What are the chargeable Value Added Services (VAS)?
  • The only chargeable VAS is CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction), which is charged at RM 3 per month. Other VAS like CLIP and Voicemail, and services such as Yes Life & Yes Mail are FREE (no monthly charge).
4. Are there any options to get my Statement on a quarterly basis?
  • No, we only generate Statements on a monthly basis at this point in time.
5. Will I still get the hardcopy Statement?
  • You can choose to print your Statement by downloading and printing a PDF copy from your account at
6. How much is the Government service tax?
  • The government service tax for 2010 is 6% as of 01 January 2011. The government service tax is only applicable to calls and SMS to other local and international operators. ALL usage charges on the Yes network (Data, Calls & SMS) are exempted.
7. How do I calculate my taxable amount on my usage?
  • The government service tax is applicable to calls and SMS to other local and international operators and it will be deducted from the reload bucket (Account Balance).