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Dedicated Internet Access for your business
Yes DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) connects your business to the Internet using a dedicated link. The DIA connection guarantees that the bandwidth allocated from your business’s premise all the way to the Internet is dedicated to you and not shared with other users on the network, allowing your business to operate at its peak every day.
For your convenience and a hassle-free experience, we can also manage your end-to-end Wi-Fi solution at your premise.
Why Yes DIA?
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Scalable Bandwidth
  • Rapid Deployment
  • High Bandwidth
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • High Availability
  • 24x7 Support
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Unlimited Broadband and Voice for Small and Home Offices
If you are a small business owner looking for a reliable telephony system and Internet service, then look no further. Yes SoHo is a comprehensive solution that offers all the features of a larger system for a fraction of the cost. 3 different plans gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred speed package and monthly data quota based on your business requirements. And because you’re connected to the Internet via our 4G network, relocation is as easy as bringing your Yes 4G device along with you.
Key Features
Wi-Fi Your Office
Connect up to 20 wireless devices simultaneously
2-in-1 Service
Enjoy both Data and Voice, eliminating the need for multiple services
Rapid Deployment
No installation required, just plug and play.
Maintain the Same Number
Keep your number even if you relocate your premise. (Subject to coverage)
What's Included
Unlimited Broadband
4Mbps (best effort)
  • 60GB or Limitless tonnage
  • Throttled on tonnage exhaustion
2 telephone numbers/lines
  • Domestic calls at 10 sen/min
  • IDD rates from as low as 9 sen/min
Zoom XL 4G Gateway
Powerful 4G gateway designed specifically for SoHo
  • Integrated 4G modem with full-featured router functions
  • Built in QoS telephony support with crystal clear voice quality
Available Plans
Plans High-speed quota Price
Essential 60GB* RM268
Premium Limitless** RM488
* Upon exhaustion of the monthly data capacity allocation, the speed will be throttled down to 256kbps.
** We reserve the right to implement the Fair Usage Policy of 120GB per month without prior notice.
Interested? Register today!
To register, download and fill up the application form and email it to, along with any required documents as indicated. The service will be activated and your device will be sent to you. No installation is required, just plug and play.
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If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 018-6052777
For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.
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