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What is Google Apps?
Businesses today, big or small, require entire suites of software to get things done. These software inevitably come with expensive licenses and require additional manpower to install and maintain. Google Apps changes things by offering you everything you need to run your business at a much lower price. Not only that, but every app is available online and does not require additional configuration, translating to even more savings for your business!
Why Google Apps?
Integrate your business with apps that are designed to bring people together.
Transform the way teams work by eliminating the hassle of traditional file transfer methods.
Enjoy the same suite of features whether you work from home or at the office.
Cut cost by reducing the need for infratstructure and multiple licenses.
All the apps you need to run your business
  • Access your email on your browser, phone, tablet, IMAP and POP
  • Powerful built-in search
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime, no ads and 30GB of storage
  • Save work files in Drive, access them from any device and share them instantly with teammates
  • No more sending attachments or merging different versions
  • Schedule an event at work and get reminders on your mobile device
  • Send out invitations via Gmail and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest project status
Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Create documents, spreadsheets & presentations
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Work anywhere – everything is saved to the cloud
  • Video conferencing with collaborative features such as screen sharing
  • Gmail and Calendar integrations – schedule and join meetings easily
  • Retain, archive, search and export email and chat for legal eDiscovery and compliance requirements
  • Web-based – no installation needed
Here’s an example of how Google Apps can help your business
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