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Send your loved ones Data Raya!

Bonds, never broken.
Mistakes, soon forgiven.
A packet wrapped in love and devotion,
A Raya where connection is the greatest celebration.

Send data to your loved ones and stay connected this Raya via the MyYes4G app or Express Reload!

data raya mob en

How to send Data Raya via the MyYes4G app

4G app step 1

Step 1

Open your MyYes4G app and click on the Data Raya banner

4G app step 2

Step 2

Select the Data Raya package you want to send

4G app step 3

Step 3

Fill in the receiver’s details and write your greeting/choose a preset message

4G app step 4

Step 4

Pay via credit card or online banking

4G app step 5

Step 5

Ta-da. You’ve just sent Data Raya to your loved ones!


*Terms & Conditions apply

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Download the MyYes4G app and send Data Raya now!

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