23 March 2020, WEDNESDAY – Y E S, the mobile 4G brand under YTL Communications (Y E S), is stepping up to get all Malaysians to say YES to Education in empowering YTL Foundation’s Learn from Home Initiative. The Learn from Home initiative led by YTL Foundation is a wholesome answer to provide learn from home resources in firstly, learning modules and syllabus in powered by FrogAsia and secondly, in free data for parents of all students in government run institutions of learning from primary to upper secondary levels powered by Y E S.

YES is one with the rakyat in these challenging times and shares the concern that the future of our nation should never be compromised. In this regard, Y E S has chosen to deploy access to the learning facilities and modules by FrogAsia on Malaysia’s only all IP network powered by Y E S. All Malaysian parents irrespective of geography and township will have equal access to the best in pure 4G connectivity. Consistency of data to empower learning in these uncertain times is a requisite and an essential hygiene so that the future of our nation’s children will not be compromised and this is YES’ commitment to ensuring that Amazing Things Happen When You Say YES.

YES will be offering a free Y E S to Education sim pack of 40GB valid for two months to each parent for each child in a government run school of learning from primary one until upper secondary six. These Y E S to Education sim packs will be available from the time of announcement until the 31st of May 2020 and the data within valid for 60 days from the day of activation. Each household will be able to request for a delivery of one (1) Y E S to Education sim pack per eligible child in a government run public school and up to five (5) Y E S to Education sim packs where eligible as allowed by regulatory authorities to be delivered to their doorsteps.

In order to facilitate seamless and safe delivery of these Y E S to Education sim packs, Y E S has chosen to answer the call of the nation in these challenging times by going above and beyond while still observing mandatory hygiene and safety processes to ensure all Malaysian parents will have access to the necessary data for education and usage of the child.

Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (Y E S) said, “Education has always been a core part of our DNA at Y E S and our mission of providing the best of mobile connectivity to all Malaysians. In this moment of unprecedented crisis where our country is coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and all of us striving for normalcy and calm, we want to do our part to ensure that our children in this country will not be bound by limitations of geography and accessibility to continue their learning at home. Many families will be stretched to afford the bare essentials and YES understands its role in providing free internet services as part of lessening the burden on the people at this moment of need. We aim to deliver Y E S to Education sim cards right to the door steps to those who need this so that they have free access to the learning resources provided by FrogAsia. Stay safe and stay learning. To this we say Y E S to Education.”

Please visit www.ytlfoundation.org/learnfromhome to apply for the free YES pre-paid sim cards and to register for FrogPlay. For more information about Y E S’ latest promotions and plans, customers can check out Y E S’ official website at www.yes.my.

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 SEPTEMBER 2019 – YES, the mobile 4G brand of YTL Communications and Singapore’s TPG Telecom Pte Ltd have emerged as the first Telecommunications providers in SouthEast Asia (SEA) to launch Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) Roaming. The VoLTE roaming solution is a first in the SEA region and also another milestone for YES, who continues to chart new heights of innovation. YES emerged as the first mobile operator in Malaysia to launch VoLTE service nationwide in June 2016 and remains Malaysia’s only all IP all 4G LTE network provider.

YES, having been the catalyst of new frontier technology in the Malaysian Telecommunications industry continues to deliver many numerous industry firsts including Terragraph and Gigawire networks plus the nation’s first and most advanced nationwide VoLTE service with crystal clear HD voice calls, multi-party conferencing and simultaneous voice and data operations.

Singapore’s government having the foresight for fostering further competition and innovation in Singapore’s Telecommunications industry and through that, introduced TPG as the 4th national Telecommunications operator.

Possessing similar DNA and appetite to pave the way forward to lead the industry’s charge of the next big thing, YES and TPG are pleased to lead the initiative to setup and deploy this new VoLTE roaming service and usher in the next era of innovation for the region. TPG Singapore has emerged as the first in SEA to launch outbound VoLTE roaming with YES complementing as the first network in Malaysia, to open inbound VoLTE roaming traffic from TPG Singapore.

“VoLTE roaming can only be achieved with the collaboration, close cooperation and considerable efforts of multiple mobile operators working to give their subscribers a superior mobile experience regardless of geographical location,” said Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA. “This is an important move for the South East Asia region and we hope to see many additional operators offering similar services in the not so distant future.”

The milestone marks the many firsts of the eventual evolution of frontier telcos that continue to innovate and drive VoLTE adoption across borders. VoLTE roaming will ensure High Definition (HD) quality voice services and all the benefits of VoLTE during roaming which includes faster call connections, longer battery life and enhanced security.

TPG’s Acting CEO, Mr. Richard Tan said, “Malaysia is one of the top destinations for Singaporeans and it is natural for TPG to start there. Many of TPG subscribers can now enjoy free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia on YES network during this promotion period.”

YTL Communications’ CEO, Mr. Wing K. Lee said, “As catalyst players in both geographies, it is only natural for us to join forces in delivering a regional first. We are proud to announce the launch of the region’s first cross border VoLTE roaming where both YES and TPG customers can continue to enjoy quality LTE and VoLTE services when they roam on our networks. This new level of customer experience enhancement is a strong testament of the value of energetic catalysts like TPG and YES can add to our respective countries.”

Kuala Lumpur, 16 September 2018 YES has always embraced the true essence of what makes Malaysians awesome beyond brands trying to outdo each other with visually aesthetic festive videos and messages. As a brand that puts Malaysia and Malaysians at the heart of its brand experience and journey, YES wants to go beyond the norm of festive content and strike a chord among audiences that despite our race and religion, on this Malaysia Day, we are united as one and we celebrate together as Malaysians. YES believes that we have an obligation as a bridge of technology to enable possibilities for Malaysians and it starts with an amazing message, contest and amazing offer this Malaysia Day

Starring YES ambassadors, Neelofa and Jack Lim, this video titled “Bersama Kita Bahagia” depicts a group of Malaysians from all walks of life coming together with joy and enthusiasm, to share a part of who they are by singing Chan Mali Chan, a famous, old Malaysian song by Didi & Friends. YES has put a spin on it by tweaking a part of the lyrics to make it truly Malaysian and relatable to the nation. YES believes in defining who Malaysia is as nation to come that is enabled by technology through empowerment of a song that is a fabric of our nation but redefined by the spirit of what is possible by Malaysians.

Everyone has something more to look forward to on Malaysia Day as YES is launching their “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign in conjunction with their new partnership with Touch „n Go. Throughout the campaign period which runs from now until 15 November 2018, YES is giving the opportunity to stand to win a brand new smartphone daily boasting the latest Samsung Note 9, Samsung S9+, Huawei Nova 3i, Vivo Y85 and much more for two months and even a new Perodua Myvi!

YES believes that everyone deserves to have their lives made more amazing and infinitely easier with a smartphone and the right mobile data plan. The “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign is part of the brand‟s initiative to continually engage and reward existing customers as well as those in the general public who are interested in signing up with YES.

YES fully believes that its purpose and ethos lies in enabling global standards of 4G accessibility and devices at third world affordability. The “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign is an embodiment of the same ethos that all Malaysians deserve the very best of connectivity and devices that empowers infinite possibilities for the future that technology will bring.

YES encourages Malaysians to sign up for YES Postpaid and Prepaid plans to be in the running to win smartphones daily for two months whereby the higher the Postpaid plan is and the more you reload Yes Prepaid, the higher the chances of winning. This chance will be doubled up if customers use Touch n Go e-wallet to reload their Yes Prepaid. YES’ last-released brand video titled “Dilema Aira” (Aira’s Dilemma https://youtu.be/16CVuDxQruA ) also showcased a similar theme of bridging the generation gap with the Internet, in which a young woman was struggling with whether to open up and share her social media content with her elderly mother.

On top of that, YES Prepaid customers could also get a chance to bring home spanking new Perodua Myvi car and get RM1,000 worth of Touch „n Go credit by just reloading Yes Prepaid with TnG e-wallet.Winners of the smartphones will be announced daily on YES Facebook page www.facebook.com/yes4g from 1st October 2018 onwards for two months.

The Internet is as indispensable to our daily lives as our smartphones and is a core to families connecting, to businesses thriving in an open competitive environment and simply enriching lives. Using up our data means so much to us in browsing or surfing the web, reading and sending emails, checking social media, and downloading or uploading files and much more. With that comes the demand of higher allocations of mobile data that costs a fraction of the price but also provides seamless and fast Internet.

YES has always believed in its mission and is aligned to the vision of the government of the day and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to bring the promise of world class true 4G connectivity at absolutely affordable rates to every Malaysian regardless of rural, semi urban and urban centres.

In this regard, YES is proud to introduce “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” Prepaid Data Add-on that offers customers the best of both worlds – unlimited data AND fast connectivity, into an already competitive market. Customers get to enjoy unlimited data allocation for only RM30 for 30 days with the “KONFEM 4G LTE” Data Add-On and on top of that, purchase the “KONFEM TURBO” add-on to experience an extra boost of 4G LTE Internet speed anytime, anywhere at only RM5 daily for 5 GB data, which has no speed capped.

This Malaysia Day will be extra meaningful as it all comes together and culminates with not just a brand message to all Malaysians, an all encompassing “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” to reward all Malaysians and also an all new “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM Turbo” products as a thank you to all Malaysians but also YES presence at RIUH in a 110-year-old building, with a history that dates back to 1905.

Be one of the first to visit YES at RIUH at the historical Sentul Depot for this weekend only, located at the heart of Sentul West to witness an amazing experience.

Sentul Depot boasts a lineage of being a previous ground as a depots, engineering workshops, and storage areas for steam and diesel locomotives and railway cars. Featuring stunning colonial-brickwork buildings and metal sheds and spans over 200,000 square feet. This weekend, this hidden gem will be open to the public for the first time in its 110-year history and YES invites all Malaysians to find out more about “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChan” and its latest “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” at the event.

For more information about “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign, please visit https://www.yes.my/tng. To find out more about “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” Prepaid Data Add-on, customers can check out YES‟ official website at www.yes.my

Kuala Lumpur, 7 SEP 2018 – YES is proud to stand side by side with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia of Malaysia and Ministry of Finance to lead the change in enabling more value and affordability in the spirit of lessening the burden to the rakyat.

It is in the DNA of YES to drive positive change for Malaysians by bringing world class technology of 4GLTE and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) at competitive pricing to all walks of Malaysians in rural , semi-urban and urban centres.

YES lauds the latest efforts and thank the Government , Hon. Minister of Finance, YB Lim Guan Eng and Hon. Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, YB Gobind Singh Deo for the exemption aimed at ensuring that Malaysians will receive full value of their prepaid services which will benefit the lives of our nation.

YES has moved swiftly to work closely and support the latest guidance from the Ministries in the spirit of lessening the burden to the rakyat.

As a global frontrunner in 4G Internet, YES has always been about delivering innovative technologies to provide world-class 4G products and services.

The YES network is recognized globally as one of the most advanced 4G networks in the world with its unique all-IP infrastructure.

In addition to being the only all-4G network in Malaysia, YES is the only telco that provides full state of the art Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) network throughout the country.

YES is a brand that is truly committed in not just providing the best complete 4G LTE experience to the people of Malaysia but also in driving positive changes at a national level – because  “Amazing Things Happen When You Say YES”!

In line with the announcement, all purchases of YES reloads by Malaysian Prepaid subscribers will be exempt from Service Tax. However, non-Malaysians will continue to pay the Service Tax of 6%. More details can be found at https://www.yes.my/faq/sst.

To find out more about YES’ latest promotions and offers, customers can check out YES’ official website at www.yes.my.

  • 4G brand debuts new Chinese New Year video on how a three-generation family reunion dinner is made possible with the Internet
  • YES’ latest video stars brand ambassadors Jack Lim and Neelofa in a feel-good, light-hearted reunion tale
  • The brand encourages the younger generation to stay connected with their families and strive to preserve traditions


Kuala Lumpur, 5 February 2018 – Too busy to catch up with the family this auspicious celebration? Thinking of skipping out on reunion dinner? Think again. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, YTL Communications’ 4G brand YES has launched a festive video titled “Three Generations” (https://youtu.be/VA4MwoW3ShQ) to inspire Malaysians to reconnect with the importance of family togetherness and to uphold time-honoured traditions.

When it comes to appreciating reunion dinners, there is a growing disparity between the older and younger generation, with the latter getting disconnected from this festive tradition. In line with YES’ aspiration to drive positive change, the video highlights the significance of family reunion dinners on Chinese New Year’s Eve and how Internet technology can bring everyone together. .

Starring YES brand ambassadors Jack Lim and Neelofa, the story shows how through the wonders of the Internet, the older generation is able to outsmart the younger generation into attending a family reunion dinner. Inspired by the cinematic Kung Fu movies and interlaced with light-hearted humour, the story opens up with a fuming grandfather storming out of the house after learning that his three grandsons may not attend the reunion dinner. His search for them is punctuated with sleek martial arts moves and a good dose of comic relief as he rounds them up one by one. The story ends on a happy note with the grandfather revealing how he managed to track down his three grandsons and how a reunion dinner is only as complete as the family.

For Jack Lim, working on the “Three Generations” video was enjoyable and memorable as the script was, at its core, heartwarming. “As a YES brand ambassador, I am honoured to be part of a brand that cares for everyone including the older generation, who are often left forgotten in the changing times,” said Jack. He also shared that his

New Year’s Resolutions included spending more quality time with his family despite his hectic work schedule.

Neelofa, who has a special appearance in the video, echoed Jack Lim’s sentiments about spending time with the loved ones. “I am also inspired by YES’ commitment to bring positivity and that has motivated me to be a better person in all aspects,” said Neelofa.

YES realises that these days brands are trying to outdo each other with their visually aesthetic festive videos and messages. As a brand that cares, YES wants to go beyond the festive content and create awareness among the audience on remembering their parents, and that despite the generation gap, parents and senior members of the family can fit in their increasingly Internet-driven lifestyle. Instead of neglecting them, everyone can teach the older generation be as connected as the younger generation is.

YES’ last-released brand video titled “Dilema Aira” (Aira’s Dilemma https://youtu.be/16CVuDxQruA ) also showcased a similar theme of bridging the generation gap with the Internet, in which a young woman was struggling with whether to open up and share her social media content with her elderly mother.

As Malaysia’s leading 4G service provider, YES has always been passionate about bridging the digital divide and creating equal opportunities for Malaysians of all ages to stay connected with world-class 4G mobile products, plans and services across the country.

Being named the service provider in Malaysia with the fastest overall download speed and the best LTE signal availability in the country by OpenSignal’s latest ‘State of Mobile Networks: Malaysia’ October 2017 report (https://opensignal.com/reports-data/national/data-2017-10-malaysia/report.pdf) only reaffirms YES’ 4G leadership as well as the company’s commitment as a brand that cares for everyone.

  • 4G mobile brand takes the lead in overall download speed and LTE signal availability
  • First -time contender YES attains recognition by the global industry standard for analysis of on-device mobile experience
  • Industry award underlines YES’ commitment to providing the best 4G experiences in Malaysi


Kuala Lumpur, 10 January 2018 – Since the launch of the YES network in 2010, YTL Communications has been championing the transformative power of Internet to close the digital divide between rural and urban communities, and to create equal opportunities for people across the country to connect to the world and to improve their lives.

Driven by its determination to use the network to drive positive change for the nation, YTL Communications worked closely with the Ministry of Education to help the country produce a 21st century ready workforce. Under the 1BestariNet programme, YTL Communications has successfully equippedallprimary and secondary national schools across Malaysia with quality Internet access and empowered 10 million students, teachers and parents with a cloud-based learning platform. This national transformation has attracted worldwide attention from Google, a visit by the Minister of Education of Finland, and hasput Malaysia on the map for its positive and innovative impact on education transformation at a country level .

In a win for YES, and a win for Malaysians, OpenSignal has named YTL Communications’ 4G mobile brand as the provider with the fastest overall download speed and the best LTE signal availability in the country, according to OpenSignal’s latest ‘State of Mobile Networks: Malaysia’ report (https://opensignal.com/reports-data/national/data-2017-10-malaysia/report.pdf).

A new contender in OpenSignal’s industry reports, YES not only tops the overall download speed, but also outshines the rest of the local telco operators in providing the best 4G LTE signal availability.Accordingly to OpenSignal, YES customers are able to connect to 4G LTE signal at a whopping 93.2% of the time –ahead of its nearest competitor by 13%. YES’s high score surpasses the country’s other four main operators that provided LTE signal less than 74% of the time.

In terms of overall download speed, YES is the clear winner where its customers are able to enjoy average download speed of 19.3Mbps, ahead of all other local operators and the global average 4G LTE download speed of 16.6Mbps, according to OpenSignal’s latest State of LTE report. Even with YES’ generous all-day; anywhere 4G data tonnage and industry-leading price plans that fully encourage greater data utilization amongst users, YES’ high capacity network is still able to deliver the highest overall download speed in Malaysia.


Despite having launched its YES 4G LTE service and VoLTE(Voice over LTE) nationally just 15 months ago, this win from OpenSignal affirms YTL Communications’ 4G leadership, its commitment and being a brand that cares for all Malaysians while providing the best 4G Internet as level playing field for people throughout Malaysia

“At YES, we strive to give our customers an amazing experience at all times, whether they are surfing at world – class 4G LTE speed, or making crystal clear VoLTE calls. For our network to be recognised by OpenSignal is a testimony to our vision and hard work towards building Malaysia’s largest all- 4G network to bring about better Internet for all. This acknowledgement is not only rewarding for us, but also comes at a fitting time as Malaysians are increasingly relying on mobile Internet to live, work, learn and play. Availability of 4G signal and fast download speed will be the key differentiators going forward,” said Wing K Lee, CEO of YTL Communications.

The OpenSignal recognition comes after YES bagged the “Most Innovative Voice Service” from Telecom Asia Awards 2017, for being the first in Malaysia to provide nationwide VoLTE service and demonstrating outstanding leadership in 4G LTE technology innovation in the highly competitive industry.

More than one billion data points were crowdsourced from 75,288 real world smartphone users in Malaysia to create OpenSignal’s October country report, making it one of the most unbiased and authoritative independent network quality benchmarks to date. In this report, only YES and one other Malaysian operator were given the rarefied recognition by OpenSignal.

  • 4G mobile brand introduces its first mobile self-care app
  • MyYes4G app provides a quick and easy way for customers to manage their postpaid or prepaid accounts
  • All YES customers can redeem 1GB free data from downloading the app

Kuala Lumpur, 7 August 2017 – In a move to help YES consumers better manage their data plan accounts and bills, YES has officially introduced its mobile self-care application MyYes4G.

The MyYes4G app is designed with a minimalist user interface for quick and seamless navigation where a customer’s YES account can be easily managed with just a few taps. Customers can check their data usage and balance summary for their plans, view their YES account and profile details, and to manage multiple accounts all within the app. What’s more, the app comes equipped with a dual-language option of Bahasa Malaysia or English.

Paying monthly bills, purchasing data add-ons or prepaid reloads is now infinitely more convenient with the MyYes4G app, as customers can pay via Maybank2u or their credit card which can be saved by in-app scanning. Successful bill payments and purchase order history are automatically saved and viewable from the smartphone.

YES customers will also be on top of the latest promotions and rewards via app notifications, enabling them to enjoy exclusive perks without any hassles. Importantly, the MyYes4G app comes with a customer care feature for customers to contact YesCare for personalised assistance.

From now till 31 August 2017, as part of a limited-time promotional campaign to commemorate this announcement, YES is rewarding all postpaid and prepaid customers that install the MyYes4G app with 1GB worth of free 4G LTE or 4G Broadband data. The free data comes with a 7-day validity period for prepaid accounts, and 30-day validity period for postpaid accounts, and is redeemable once for each user.

To enjoy this 1GB of free data, customers just need to download the app and login using a valid YES ID (a customer selected username or YES mobile number@yes.my). Once signed in, go to “Buy Now” and click on the “Freebies” button to redeem the free data.

Data used in the MyYes4G app will not be charged while on the YES network, and the app is compatible with all modern Android smartphones and tablets. To start using MyYes4G app, simply download from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=my.yes.yes4g. For more information about the app, please visit https://www.yes.my/myyes4g.

Kuala Lumpur, 9 May 2017 – YTL Communications has clinched the “Most Innovative Voice Service” at the recent Telecoms Asia Awards 2017, in recognition of its excellence and leadership on being the first mobile operator in Malaysia to provide nationwide Voice-over-LTE or VoLTE service.

The awards category, which made its debut in this year’s industry awards, recognises a service provider that demonstrates outstanding innovation in voice call functionality in the highly competitive industry. YTL Communications emerged as winner against regional finalists including Reliance Jio (India), SK Telecom (South Korea) and SmarTone (Hong Kong). This win comes just 10 months after YTL Communications commercially launched its 4G LTE and VoLTE service under the brand YES in June 2016.

Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications was present at the awards gala dinner to receive the award. He shared, “I would like to first congratulate Telecoms Asia for the momentous 20th year in running this prestigious award! We are pleased to attend the award dinner in the company of global players such as BT, SK Telecom and Netflix. It was both inspiring and eye-opening to hear and learn from the other finalists and winners.”

Wing added, “We at YTL Communications are very grateful to the judges and readers for this wonderful recognition as the “Most Innovative Voice Service” with our national VoLTE service. We built our company – the youngest national telco in Malaysia – with the determination to provide a level playing field for all Malaysians with the same high quality 4G service no matter where their community is. With that in mind, we have emerged to build the largest all-4G LTE footprint in Malaysia with over 85% population coverage. And with our LTE launch in June 2016, we are pleased to offer Malaysia the most advanced ubiquitous VoLTE service. In fact, the first nationwide VoLTE service in an emerging country globally. And to make sure customers can fully enjoy our VoLTE, we have made all on-net calls on our YES network totally free!”

Stefan Hammond, Managing Editor of Telecoms Asia extended his congratulations to YTL Communications on its win. He said, “Despite being one of Malaysia’s newer entrants, YTL Communications is the first operator to launch VoLTE service using its 4G LTE network across the entire nation.”

The prestigious Telecoms Asia Awards is now in its 20th year, which rewards innovate and outstanding performance by Asian service providers and industry executives. The shortlist was compiled from nominations made by the judging panel and Telecom Asia readers, as well as the Telecom Asia editorial team. Final selection is made by an independent panel of industry experts, who cast votes on criteria of innovation, financial performance, technology, market leadership and corporate governance.

Wing K Lee, YTL Communications CEO (R) receiving “Most Innovative Voice Service” award from Lachlan Colquhoun, Telecom Asia Editor-in-Chief (L) at the Telecoms Asia gala dinner

  • Mobile 4G brand rewards prepaid customers with double reload value and a chance to bring home a 50″ LED TV
  • The contest runs over a period of 9 consecutive weeks, with a TV to be won every single day
  • The more customers reload their prepaid accounts, the higher chance to win


Kuala Lumpur, 24 February 2017 – As part of a limited-time promotional reward, YES is giving its prepaid customers double the reload value and a daily chance to bring home a 50-inch high-definition LED TV through the latest “Reload & Win” campaign.

Throughout the campaign period which runs from now until 31st March 2017, YES offers a “Buy 1 Reload Free 1 Reload” deal for the second reload made and thereafter. Each subsequent reload of RM10, RM30, RM50 or RM100 denomination will get a double reload value for free, such as reloading RM30 will get a free RM30 reload value. On top of this double reload bonus, there are TVs to be won every single day, which makes this campaign even more rewarding.

The “Reload & Win” campaign, which features celebrity radio host, TV personality and YES brand ambassador Jack Lim 林德荣 is part of the brand’s initiative to continually engage and reward existing prepaid customers as well as those in the general public who are interested in signing up with YES. The more they reload into their prepaid accounts, the more reload bonus they will receive and at the same time, the higher their chances at bringing home the TV. YES prepaid customers can make as many reloads as they want throughout the campaign period, as long as their accounts remain active.

Daily winners for the whole week will be announced every Monday on the YES 4G Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Yes4G. To date, there are already 20 lucky winners. Ng Ming Tin, Tan Yoke Boon, Asyura Binti Sharom and Mahmudur Rahman Talukder are some of the lucky winners thus far.

For Ng Ming Tin who has been a loyal and active YES prepaid customer for over 6 years, it was an immensely gratifying experience to bring home a brand new 50-inch LED TV to his family. The 43-year-old lucky winner shared that seeing his name among the list of daily winners on the Yes 4G Facebook page totally made his day, a gleeful sentiment shared by all the other winners as well.

The “Reload & Win” campaign is open to all YES 4G prepaid customers, both existing and newly signed-up within the period. Customers can purchase YES prepaid reloads at all YES Stores, YES retail partners, or through the all-new MyYes4G app.

For more information about “Reload & Win“, please visit the website at www.yes.my/reload&win, or check out the daily winners at YES’ Facebook page.

  • 4G mobile brand runs in-car karaoke contest in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration
  • Long journeys in cars this festive season can now be as rewarding as it is fun
  • Travellers can sing their way to win more than RM50,000 in total worth of ang pao cash


Kuala Lumpur, 23 January 2017 – With Chinese New Year just around the corner, throngs of Malaysians will either be driving back and forth for festive preparations, embarking on a long drive back to their hometowns for a merry reunion, or going on road trips with beloved friends and family. That means the highways and roads in Malaysia will be packed bumper to bumper with vehicles, and Malaysians will have to bear with the traffic jams. Because these journeys can be stressful as they are exhausting, YES has come up with the “Yes Car-Oke” contest where Malaysians can sing in their cars and win ang pao cash, turning their travels into an amazing and rewarding experience.

The “Yes Car-Oke” contest is the first of its kind in the country to offer drivers and passengers a chance to win YES ang paos worth over RM50,000 cash in total, just by belting out their favourite tunes together for a great in-car karaoke session with friends and family. For YES, this contest not only provides a fantastic opportunity to share the festive spirit with its customers and the local community, but also to bring more amazing moments to everyone in Malaysia.

Yes Car-Oke” runs from now until 31st January 2017, where participants have to film themselves showing off their vocal chops while cruising down the highways and roads via a Facebook Live video.

Here’s how Malaysians can participate in the contest:
Step 1: Like the Yes4G Page
Step 2: Open the mobile Facebook App with a smartphone and tap on the ‘Live’ video button.
Step 3: The smartphone’s front-facing camera will automatically turn on and a video recording screen will pop up. Change your Facebook privacy settings to “Public”.
Step 4: Include the hashtags #YesCarOke and #amazingthingshappenswhenyousayyes in your description.
Step 5: Play your song of choice on a separate device or turn on the radio.
Step 6: Tap the ‘Go Live’ button and start singing.
Step 7: There is minimum limit of 30 seconds of recording for the video to qualify, but there is no maximum limit. So, sing for as long as you like.
Step 8: When you are done, go to www.yes.my/yescaroke and paste the URL of your Facebook Live video in the provided form at the bottom of the website.

Throughout the twelve-day long contest, as many as twenty-two daily winners will be selected from the pool of participants available for each day. At the end of the contest, on 31st January 2017, one grand prize winner will be selected from the pool of daily winners.

YES subscribers who win the grand prize will be rewarded with an amazing RM3,888 in ang pao cash, and those who are the daily winners throughout the contest period will receive each RM188 cash. For those who have yet to join YES as a subscriber, they will be rewarded with RM888 in ang pao cash for the grand prize, while the daily winners will be receiving RM88 each.

Participants will be judged based on their Facebook Live videos’ creativity and entertainment value. All contest winners will be announced on the YES 4G Facebook page www.facebook.com/Yes4G within three weeks after the end of the contest period.

Check out the “Yes Car-oke” video at https://youtu.be/WlnIi5SvdcQ. For contest details please visit www.yes.my/yescaroke.