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How To Activate SIM Please follow the steps below to activate your SIM:
  • Step 1 Download the MyYes app, open the application and click on “New User”
  • Step 2 Click on “Activate SIM”, then “Start”
  • Step 3 Scan the barcode found on the back of the SIM jacket or manually input your SIM serial number
  • Step 4 Accept the assigned number and click “Next”
  • Step 5 Complete activation by following the steps to perform an eKYC and verification of your ID.
  • Step 6 A confirmation message of your activation will be sent upon completion of the verification
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaIs-MWkh7U How To Activate Your New YES SIM Note: For “Switch to Yes” can be done after SIM activation. How To Switch to Yes Please follow the steps below to “Switch to Yes”:
  • Step 1 Download the MyYes app and log in.
  • Step 2 Choose “Switch to Yes” on the homepage then click on “Switch to Yes”.
  • Step 3 Enter your number and click on "Verify" then submit.
  • Step 4 Verify and submit the number that you wish to switch.
  • Step 5 Response to SMS confirmation of switch to Yes and complete the process.
SIM replacement activation via MyYes app Please follow the steps below for “SIM replacement":
  • Step 1 Log into MyYes app
  • Step 2 Choose “Activate SIM” to proceed
  • Step 3 Click on “Start”
  • Step 4Scan the SIM Barcode or enter the serial number manually then once it is completed, SIM is activatedBy activating our postpaid service via this mobile number, you acknowledge, accept and agree to be bound by our Postpaid Service Terms and Conditions as set out in www.yes.my/legal and you also consent to your personal data being used, processed and/or disclosed in accordance with our YTL Group Privacy Policy available at https://ytl.com/privacypolicy.asp

Pay Over the Counter
  1. Where can I Pay Bill and Reload? You may refer to below for more information: (i) YES store (ii) YES authorised dealer (iii) e-pay (iv) MobilityOne

  1. What is the Prepaid Data Add-On? The Prepaid Data Add-On is an optional bulk add-on which gives you more savings, more benefits and more value. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions.
  2. How do I purchase the Prepaid Data Add-On? You can purchase the Prepaid Data Add-On via - MyYes app - Yes Stores or Yes Retail Partners
  3. Can I use my Yes Credit to purchase the Prepaid Data Add-On? Yes you can!
  4. Can I use my Yes Credit combined with my credit card to purchase Prepaid Data Add-On? No, you can’t. You will need to have sufficient YES Credit to complete the purchase or use a credit card to pay in full to purchase a Prepaid Data Add-On.
  5. How much are the Prepaid Data Add-On, and how much data will I be getting? Prepaid LTE Data Add-On
    Prepaid Data Add-On types Price 4G LTE Data Capacity Data Add-On Validity Period
    Kasi Up 1Day 1GB_RM1 RM1 1GB 1 day (expired by 12am)
    Kasi Up 2Days 2GB_RM2 RM2 2GB 2 days
    Kasi Up 3Days 3GB_RM3 RM3 3GB 3 days
    Kasi Up 5Days 5GB_RM5 RM5 5GB 5 days
    Kasi Up 7Days 10GB_RM10 RM10 10GB 7 days
    Kasi Up 30Days 10GB_RM15 RM15 10GB 30 days
    Kasi Up 30Days 20GB_RM20 RM20 20GB 30 days
  6. How many Prepaid Data Add-Ons am I allowed to purchase at any one time? You are allowed to purchase multiple Prepaid Data Add-Ons under one Yes number at any one time.
  7. What happens when I purchase another Prepaid Data Add-On before the expiry of my current Prepaid Data Add-On? If you’ve purchased another Prepaid Data Add-On before the expiry of the current Prepaid Data Add-On, the Add-On which will expire first will be consumed first.
  8. Will I be alerted when my Prepaid Data Add-On is expiring? Yes, an SMS will be sent to your Yes number to remind you of the expiry of your Prepaid Data Add-On.
  9. How can I check my usage and balance of my Prepaid Data Add-Ons? You can check your usage and balance of your Prepaid Data Add-On via MyYes app.

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