Where are you travelling to?

Find all our roaming rates for your upcoming destination.

How to start roaming on your device?

1 Launch MyYes App

Activate International Roaming service via MyYes app.

2 Go to Settings.

Select “Mobile Network”.

3 Click Network Operators.

Upon the list of networks displayed, select our preferred roaming operator to connect.

4 Go to Mobile Network.

Turn on your Data Roaming & Mobile Data in your phone setting if you wish to use data service while abroad.

On some Android phones, you may need to select your SIM to turn on Data Roaming.

Making an overseas call?

Here are the affordable International Direct Dailing (IDD) rates you’ll like.

Frequently Asked Questions

YesRoam provides customers unlimited data roaming when you connect to our preferred roaming partner while traveling overseas. YesRoam is available in certain designated countries. For the full list of eligible countries and information on pricing, please visit yes.my/roaming.

YesRoam is available to our Postpaid customers. After enabling the roaming service, please ensure your roaming is activated via MyYes app > YesRoam > Activate Roaming. A roaming deposit may be required. You will be auto subscribed to either YesRoam Daily or YesRoam Monthly when you arrive at the designated country and connect to the preferred roaming operator. Note: If you are a principal line user, you may assist your supplementary lines to activate YesRoam by increasing the credit limit or paying additional roaming deposit via MyYes app to activate YesRoam. Login to primary account > Switch to supplementary line in account dropdown > Click More > Roaming > Activate Roaming > Increase credit limit or pay deposit > Activate roaming.

YesRoam Monthly offers free unlimited data roaming with our Yes Infinite and Yes Infinite+ Postpaid Plans. It also includes free incoming calls from any Malaysian number and free outgoing calls to any Malaysian number while in the roaming country. SMS is charged as per roaming rates at yes.my/roaming. Customers will enjoy unlimited data roaming starting with 10GB high speed data, followed by unlimited data roaming at 512kbps.

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