How does Yes SIPconnect work?​

Yes SIPconnect is a carrier-grade IP telephony service. It pairs with Yes DIA to provide quality voice communication, delivered over data connections instead of traditional copper PSTN exchange.

Make uninterrupted office calls seamlessly​

Designed for businesses that need superior voice quality communication through reliable internet connection.


Increase the number of channels and numbers (Direct Inward Dialing) according to your business needs.

Save cost

Enjoy a lower call rate compared to traditional ISDN lines.

Keep your number

Use the same telephone number even after relocating without any hassle.

Rapid deployment

Enjoy instant VoIP service with our enterprise-grade devices that will be quickly installed by our technicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a Media Gateway and PABX equipment.

Yes. There will be no change in your number should you relocate your office. Just contact our Support Desk to update us with the necessary details.

Should you find that the provided Channels are insufficient for your business needs, you can upgrade to a higher package. If you are subscribed to our highest package and still require additional Channels, do contact your friendly Account Manager to submit your request. We will provide the necessary support to accommodate your request.As for additional Numbers, you can purchase a block of 10 Numbers at an additional RM 50 per month to meet your business needs.

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