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Yes Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Fast, secure and reliable network across business premises.

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Yes VPN connects your businesses across all locations. Using point-to-point connections, you can enjoy the best effort bandwidth for wireless data transmissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes VPN is inherently secure as it operates as a closed loop connection without sharing the connection with other customers.

In general terms, Yes VPN and Yes DLL (Dedicated Leased Line) belong to the same product family, as both of them allow customer to have their own private network for secure data transmission.The only difference is that Yes VPN provides customers with a best effort bandwidth connection across all their premises using wireless technology, whereas Yes DLL provides customers with a dedicated bandwidth connection across all their premises using either Microwave or Fibre Backhaul.

Yes. During the commitment period, you are allowed to upgrade the bandwidth at anytime.However, you are not allowed to downgrade the bandwidth during the commitment period. You can only do so after the completion of the commitment period.

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