How does Yes DIA work?​

Yes DIA provides dedicated Internet access from your business to the local internet gateway. This guarantees that you will always have the subscribed bandwidth for mission-critical applications.

Connect your business with a private link​

That way, you can run your business smoothly every day without the hassle of sharing a connection.

Customisable Connection

Feel free to choose the type of connection based on your business needs and limitations.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Run your business smoothly with 24/7 dedicated connection speed powered by Malaysia’s Fastest Network.

24/7 Dedicated Support

Get dedicated technical support and network monitoring to resolve connectivity issues anytime.

Fast deployment

Enjoy instant connectivity with our enterprise-grade routers that requires minimal installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With normal broadband services, your Internet connectivity is shared by other customers in the same area. Hence, you may not receive the actual bandwidth that you subscribed to. With YES DIA, you will always have the bandwidth that you are subscribed to as it is reserved for your usage, with assured availability of 99.5%.

No. Since the Internet connection is dedicated to you, you are guaranteed the bandwidth subscribed as only you alone will be using the allocated bandwidth.

Yes. During the commitment period, you are allowed to upgrade the bandwidth at any time.However, you are not allowed to downgrade the bandwidth during the commitment period. You can only do so after the completion of the commitment period.

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