5G Smart Sustainability Management

Managing carbon footprint 
in real-time.

Yes Asset ESG takes a holistic approach by monitoring key environmental parameters in various facilities for the ease of reporting sustainability metrics. This real-time tracking ensures that staff members work in optimal conditions, promoting their well-being, and allowing machines to operate efficiently at their best conditions.

Temperature & Humidity

Waste Water

Air quality

Noise Detection

Water Consumption

Energy Consumption

Fuel Consumption

Access real-time tracking metrics across various environmental parameters, ensuring transparency and accuracy in sustainability reporting. Eliminate greenwashing by providing authentic, data-driven insights. Automate data collection and reporting processes, streamlining sustainability management efforts for increased efficiency.

Benefit from a robust ESG monitoring system built on hardware and software with a track record of successful deployment and operation in the field for over three years. Ensure reliability, performance, and longevity in sustainability management efforts.

Deploy the product on the cloud for enhanced scalability and security. Scale your sustainability management system effortlessly to meet growing needs while ensuring data integrity and protection through robust cloud infrastructure.

Utilize an integrated survey feature to collect scope 3 emission data from employees and vendors. Streamline the process of gathering comprehensive sustainability data, enabling more accurate reporting and informed decision-making.

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