5G Smart Asset Management

Real-time monitoring for 
a real-time world.

Yes Asset provides scalable solution that integrates sensors, networks, and applications together to track inventory and human resource productivity. Applicable for logistic companies, warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing factories and field services.

Employee monitoring

Productivity tracking

Inventory Tracking

Our Solutions

Keep tabs on employee activities related to asset management through real-time tracking and reporting. Ensure compliance with schedules, enhance security, and optimize workflow efficiency by monitoring personnel movements and task completion.

Utilize tools to monitor asset utilization, performance, and output in real-time. Analyse data on usage patterns, downtime, and operational metrics to identify opportunities for streamlining processes, improving resource allocation, and maximising overall productivity.

Employ advanced telematics to monitor inventory movement and levels in real-time. Track the location, quantity, and status of assets, enabling efficient inventory management, reducing loss, and ensuring timely replenishment to meet demand.

Case Study

Improving productivity
with Yes Assets.

Since Federal Furniture piloted Yes Assets at its production factory, the real-time visibility has dramatically increased output as they are now able to react to demand changes quicker.

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