5G Smart Fleet Management

More than just
track and trace.

Yes Fleet is a comprehensive solution with advanced telematics that provides unparalleled insights into vehicles and drivers primacy. The future-proof system is carried over Yes 5G & All-4G, All-IP Network and hosted via Yes secured cloud that is uniquely designed for IOT capabilities at a national scale. 

Tracking &
trip history

Jobs &



Fleet management

Our Solutions

Monitor real-time vehicle locations and access detailed trip histories, including route maps, timestamps, and mileage data, enabling precise tracking and analysis of fleet movements.

Efficiently assign and manage jobs to vehicles, while setting up geo-fences to define virtual boundaries. Receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit designated areas, optimizing fleet operations and security.

Utilize data on acceleration, braking, speed, and other driving metrics to evaluate driver performance and safety. Identify areas for improvement and implement measures to enhance driver behavior and reduce risks.

Access comprehensive insights into vehicle health and performance, including engine status, fuel consumption, maintenance alerts, and fault codes. Proactively address issues to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

Gain actionable insights through data analytics and reporting tools, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy development. Identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement to optimize fleet efficiency and profitability.

Case Study

Saving lives with
Yes Fleet

In 2020, FIRST Ambulance adopted Yes Fleet to enable Malaysia’s First Smart Ambulance Service. This has since helped IJN to reduce door-to-balloon time by half.

Case Study

Managing hotel vehicles
better with Yes Fleet

With many trips made each day, Yes Fleet helps YTL Hotels to efficiently manage and monitor all of its hotel vehicles and drivers. This has helped them save up to 4,170 litres of fuel per month.

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