Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Does YES products and services are subject and applicable to SST?
    Yes. The products and services of YES are applicable to SST which was implemented on 1st September 2018. All taxable supply of Yes products and services are subjected to SST. However effective 6th September 2018, prepaid services will be exempted from the 6% service tax.
  2. I need more information about SST. Where can I find out more?
    For more information about SST on Yes taxable supply of products and services, please contact Yes Care at 018-333 0000 from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm (including weekends and Public Holidays) or send an email to Alternatively, you may visit the official SST website provided by the Royal Malaysian Customs at or access the latest SST FAQ by the Royal Malaysian Customs (here).
  1. With the exemption of SST for Prepaid service effective 6th September 2018, will there be any changes on Yes 4G Prepaid Starter Pack?
    No. YES Prepaid Started Pack is exempted from Service Tax. YES Starter Pack Plans are priced at RM10 which comes with (1) seven days of account validity, (2) RM5.00 Yes Credit; and (3) Free 4G LTE internet data of 1GB valid for 7 days.
    Yes Prepaid Started Pack
    Price: RM10.00
    7 Days Account Validity Price
    RM 5.00 Credit 
    1GB data (valid for 7 days)
  2. Will there be any differences in SST for the purchase of Yes Credit with Yes 4G Prepaid?
    No. All Prepaid services are exempted from 6% service tax. E.g when you reload RM10.00, you will get the credit of RM10.00.
  3. Is SST applicable for Voice/SMS services?
    No. You will be able to enjoy the unlimited FREE OnNet call. And with only 0.09sen/min or per SMS for OffNet.
  4. Does the Prepaid services exemption for SST only applicable for Malaysian?
    Yes. For foreigner there will charges of 6% service tax on all prepaid services.
  1. As a Postpaid subscriber, how am I affected by SST?
    All taxable supply of Yes products and services which are subject to 6% of SST effective on 01 September 2018. For compliance purposes, SST will shown on your bill at 6%.
  2. Where can I, as a Yes Postpaid subscriber, get my copy of SST Tax Invoice?
    For reference purposes, your e-bill will serve as your SST tax invoice. You can get your e-bill or Statement of Account on a monthly basis from My Account.
  3. My bill cycle started on 7th August 2018 and ends on 6th September 2018. How will I be charged for SST?
    Your SST charges will be pro-rated. From the period of 7th August to 31st August 2018, any usage will be charged at 0% of GST. However, from 1st September 2018, any usage will be subjected to 6% SST.
    Example of SST levied on monthly commitment charges during the crossover (e.g. Postpaid Plan 68):
    Monthly bill charges
    (7 August 2018 - 6 September 2018)
    ADD: 6% SST ( 1st September to 6th September 2018) 6/31 x RM68 x.6% = RM0.79
    Total Monthly Commitment RM68.00 + RM0.79 = RM68.79
  4. Will there be any SST apply for Voice/SMS/Data Add-on ?
    YES. Subjected to 6% SST.