No installation, no waiting.
Instant enjoyment wherever you are.

Tired of always buffering? Trouble getting coverage throughout your home?​ Hate messy and dusty cables?
Too busy to schedule a date for installation? This is the Wi-Fi your home needs.

Uncapped 5G data and speed​.

Malaysia’s fastest network.

Plug & Play. No installation required.

FREE router with 7 days return policy.

Here’s how to get it.

Step 1

Check broadband coverage in your area

Step 2

Choose your preferred Wireless Broadband plan

Step 3

Fill up delivery form and check out

Step 4

Your order will be delivered to your address

Discover Our Plans

Unlock the power of wireless broadband at home with ease.


  • Uncapped 5G data and speed​
  • Uncapped 4G speed (up to 150GB data)​
  • Infinite Gateway PRO Router: RM299
       (RRP: RM1199)​
  • 7 days return policy​
  • Uncapped 5G data and speed
  • Uncapped 4G speed (up to 150GB data)
  • FREE Infinite Gateway PRO Router
       (RRP: RM1199)
  • 7 days return policy


No contract

  • Uncapped 5G data and speed​​
  • Uncapped 4G speed (up to 100GB data)
  • With SIM only

Frequently Asked Questions

This plan offers customers uncapped 5G data and speed to power up your home or anywhere you are. No installation, no waiting period. Instant enjoyment. The plan includes a FREE 5G router on the 24-month contract. While the 12-month plan includes a router but requires a one-time device fee of RM299.

7 Days Return Policy is for Yes 5G Wireless Broadband Gateway customers who wish to cancel the contract within seven (7) days from the SIM activation date. *Terms and conditions apply.

If you terminate the Yes 5G Wireless Broadband Gateway Plan during the contract period, you will be subject to Early Termination Charges (“ETC”).

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