The best connectivity for your business.

Tired of dealing with constant fibre cuts? Frustrated by the lack of available fibre ports? Stuck with a sluggish 30Mbps fibre line? Need a reliable secondary line? This is the wireless broadband your business needs.

5G Data

Run your business smoothly with a peace of mind of not running out of Internet data.

An award-
winning network

Benefit from a network that is a back-to-back Ookla® Speedtest Awards Winner (Q3 – Q4 2022 & Q1 – Q2 2023), and a 4x MCMC Star Rating Awards 2021 Winner.

Instant Connectivity​

Enjoy instant 5G connection with minimal or no installation. ​

Usable Anywhere​

Maximize productivity with 5G devices that can connect at any business location.​​
*Terms and conditions apply.

5G Biz Wireless Broadband Plans
​ To Supercharge Your Business​

Infinite Gateway Pro 5G Router (RRP: RM1,199)​

Portable indoor router that can be used at any location with no installation required.​

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High-Power Outdoor 5G CPE (RRP: RM1,599)​

High-performance weatherproof (IP65) modem that is mountable outdoors on poles or in vehicles.​

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The warranty period for the 5G device provided is 12 months from the contract start date.

Yes. During the commitment period, you are allowed to upgrade the plan that you are on to a higher one. However, you are not allowed to downgrade your plan.

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