Two for two in scoring
#1 Malaysia’s Speedtest Awards TM

As verified by Ookla®

Malaysia’s Top
Mobile Speed

Speed Score™ of 188.15, tried and tested by Ookla®

Easier, Quicker

Top speed of 562.81 Mbps for your downloads

Smoother, Faster

A faster upload speed of 70.59 Mbps

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5G Data For Good

Don’t stress about running out of data. Stay connected with faster speeds and greater peace of mind.

Fastest Speed, guaranteed

Say goodbye to lags. Scroll, search, and stream to your heart’s content with the fastest local network available.

Fuss-free Configuration

It’s easy – just connect and collaborate across all devices. No cables, wires, or installations necessary.

Flexible Plans to Fit You

Forget multiple boosters and add-ons. Instead, you can pick a plan that perfectly suits your needs.

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mobile network today

No installation, no waiting. Super-fast Broadband. Powered by Yes 5G.

Boost your workplace efficiency and skyrocket performance with lightning-fast connectivity.

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Yes Power 35

100GB data at just RM35/
month? Yes please.

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Yes Infinite+ Basic

Get unlimited full 5G speeds, calls,
and a free* 5G smartphone!

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Yes FT5G Unlimited

Pay just RM30/month for
uncapped 5G speeds.

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