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Get Unlimited 5G for free when you sign up with any of our following 4G plans. Discover what 5G can do for you today.

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How much time will you
save with 5G internet?


7 Hours

Save up to 7 hours on large game downloads


3 Hours

Save over 3 hours when downloading 10,000 songs

Social Media

4 Days

Save almost 4 days over your lifetime


7 Minutes

Save up to 7 minutes with every download of a full 8K movie

Say YES to living better

Say YES to living better

Be the first to unlock the power of 5G, now available in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya

YES is offering you 5G phones with our best value, unlimited plans!

5G is only available on 5G supported devices. YES offers both SIM-only plans and 5G compatible Device Bundles. Enjoy no price increase from 4G to 5G if you sign up for our FT5G Postpaid Plans before 31st March 2022.

A message to our existing YES customers

If you are an existing YES customer and would like to upgrade to any of our 5G plans, upgrade here with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions
about YES 5G

5G is the latest generation of cellular technology with the fastest internet speeds, ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth.

With 5G, subscribers will be able to experience peak data rates of up to 100 times faster than 4G, and 1,000 times more connections than 4G with a supported “near-zero latency” — close to no delay in sending and receiving information between devices.

The YES FT5G Plans are a series of special plans that enable a subscriber to enjoy unlimited 5G access until 31st March 2022. They include the YES FT5G Prepaid Unlimited, the YES FT5G Postpaid 49, and YES FT5G Postpaid 99 Phone bundle plans.
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