Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Who are eligible for International Roaming Service?
    All Yes 4G LTE Postpaid Plans’ customers.
  2. How do I activate International Roaming Service on my mobile device?
    International Roaming Service is a value-added service that is provided by Yes, and is available for your use while travelling in designated countries/destinations as stated on our website

    If you are an existing customer who has more than 6 months tenure with Yes and have good payment records in the past 6 months, you can activate your International Roaming Service via Online Selfcare.

    If you do not meet the above criteria, a RM300 deposit is required.
  3. How do I check the roaming rates while I am abroad?
    You can check the roaming rates on
  4. What should I do if I need assistance while I am abroad?
    Should you have enquiries or encounter problems with your mobile services while roaming, you may contact us via any one of the following channels:

    a) Send an e-mail to
    b) Contact our Yes Care at +6018 333 0000 from 8am-11pm (GMT+8) daily, including weekends and Public Holidays. Roaming call charges apply.
  5. Can I roam in any country in the world with my International Roaming Service?
    International Roaming Service is only available at the designated countries/destinations that are stated in our website. Please refer to for updated roaming coverage list.
  6. What services will I be able to enjoy while roaming?
    You can enjoy the following services while abroad:

    a) Making and receiving calls
    b) Sending and receiving text messages via SMS
    c) Data service
  7. How do I make an outgoing call or send SMS while roaming?
    You just have to follow the simple steps below:

    Step 1: Insert "+"
    Step 2: Followed by the Country Code
    Step 3: And the area/operator code together with mobile/fixed line number.

    To call a Malaysian Mobile Number (e.g. 018 331 0000) while abroad
    Dial +6018 331 0000

    To call a Malaysian Fixed Line Number (e.g. 03 1234 5678) while abroad
    Dial +603 1234 5678

    To send a SMS to Malaysia mobile number (018 123 4567) while abroad
    Dial +6018 123 4567 and press send
  8. Does the Credit Limit of my Postpaid Plan apply to the International Roaming Service charges?
    No. You are required to monitor your own talktime, SMS and data usage while you are abroad. You shall be solely responsible for all International Roaming Service charges incurred under your account. Please note also that for data service, your monthly Commitment Fee only covers data usage within Malaysia, and does not include data usage overseas.
  9. What kind of charges will I incur while roaming?
    You will incur four (4) kinds of charges while roaming:

    a) Making Call
    b) Receiving Call
    c) Sending SMS
    d) Data Access / Usage

    The charges will vary depending on the countries you are visiting. You can refer to for the details of the international roaming rates.
  10. When will my roaming charges be added to my bill?
    Your roaming charges will be reflected in your upcoming or subsequent bill statement(s).

    We do not guarantee that all roaming call/SMS/data usage details will be reflected in your bill. You agree that certain roaming call details will not be reflected in your bill including the calling number of ANY incoming call.
  11. Can I see the calling number (caller ID) on my mobile screen when I am roaming?
    This depends on the network operator / carrier of the country you are visiting.
  12. I have already connected to the network operator but why am I unable to make any calls or send SMS?
    You may be in a weak network coverage area. You may try moving to another area with a stronger signal and retry calling. Alternatively, you can try to connect to another network operator that is also offered by Yes. Do note that different rates may apply connecting to different mobile operator.
  13. Why wasn’t my line barred immediately upon reaching or exceeding my postpaid plan’s credit limit while roaming?
    Your credit limit is exclusive of International Roaming Service usages. Until we receive the updates from the roaming partners regarding your International Roaming Service usages in their respective network, we will not be able to know whether you have reached or exceeded your postpaid plan’s credit limit.
  14. Is International Roaming Service subject to Sales and Services Tax (SST)?
    Yes, the International Roaming Service is currently subject to SST effective 1 September 2018 onwards.
  1. What is Data Roaming?
    Data roaming allows you to access data services including Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. from your mobile device while traveling overseas. Data Roaming is available in certain designated countries/destinations that are stated on our website. Please refer to for updated roaming coverage list.

    Data roaming charges will depend on whether you have selected the YesRoam day pass or the standard pay-as-you-use (PAYU).
  2. What is YesRoam?
    YesRoam offers Internet data service when you are travelling abroad with Yes’s preferred roaming operators at a fixed daily charge with usage quota.
  3. How do I select roaming operator?
    Step 1: From the "Settings" menu, tap "Mobile networks".

    Step 2: Tap “Network Operators”.

    Step 3: Tap “Search networks”.

    Wait for 1 or 2 minutes. You will see a list of networks.
    Choose the preferred network* and connect.
    Step 4: Turn on Data Roaming and Mobile Data in your mobile device setting.
    *Please refer to for the full list of designated preferred roaming operators and charges.
  4. I have turned on data roaming and mobile data in my mobile device setting but unable to access data service.
    Please ensure you turn on your “Mobile data”.

    * For roaming operators who do not support 4G LTE roaming, we advise to change your mobile network mode to 2G/3G only. You can search in for the destination that you wish to travel and look out for the preferred operator if 4G LTE is supported.
  5. When will my YesRoam expire?
    This is a daily validity offer valid from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 of the visiting country’s capital city time and will be renewed and charged on a daily basis until you switch off your data roaming and mobile data in your mobile device setting. For example, if you are in United Kingdom and start YesRoam from 09:00 London time, your daily validity will end at 23:59:59 London time.
  6. How will I be charged if I am connected to 2 or more preferred roaming operators on the same day while roaming at different country?
    You will be charged YesRoam charges for each of the preferred roaming operators that you are connected to on the same day.
  7. What will happen if I use data roaming in Yes’s non preferred roaming operator?
    You will be charged at PAYU rate. You can refer to our website for the details of the International Roaming rates.
  8. Is there any applicable Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?
    Yes. FUP applies and data speed will be reduced when you reached the daily fair usage quota.
  9. If I’ve reached my daily fair usage quota, will I be charged for the data roaming usage after the fair usage quota?
    Any data roaming usages after the fair usage quota will not be charged.
  10. Can I restore my data speed upon reaching the daily fair usage quota?
    No. Your data speed will be reduced till the end of the day.
  11. I have turned off data roaming and was using Wi-Fi. Why am I still charged for data roaming usage?
    It is possible for some smartphones to still incur data roaming usage even if you have turned off Data Roaming on your phone settings. This is especially true in the LTE where data services can be activated by default when performing a location update. This is specific for the LTE standards and was not the case in GSM/GPRS/3G standards. Should you need to really turn off data roaming, we recommend the following steps to avoid incurring further data roaming charges.

    a) Switch off Mobile Data and Data Roaming
    b) Switch on airplane mode
    c) Switch off airplane mode
    d) Turn on Wi-Fi (If you want to use data services)