Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Where can I submit my request to switch to Yes?
    You can visit the nearest Yes Store/Kiosk to submit your request to switch to Yes. For more information on our Yes Store/Kiosk location and the services available at the Yes Store/Kiosk, please click here. Please note that Yes Dealers may not be able to process your request to switch to Yes. To avoid disappointment, please visit the Yes Stores which has the Mobile Number Porting (“MNP”) service.
  2. What should I do or check before submitting my request to switch to Yes?
    For a smooth process in switching to Yes, please ensure and check the following with your current mobile service provider:
    1. Your account must be active;
    2. No overdue/outstanding bills;
    3. No outstanding contractual obligations;
    4. Supplementary line(s) must be switched together with Principal number.
    You may also want to save all contact numbers from your existing SIM Card before switching in to Yes, if required.
  3. How will I know the status of my request to switch to Yes?
    You will receive SMS notifications from your current service provider [once you have successfully switched to Yes].
  4. Can I check the status of my switch-in request online?
    Yes, you can visit the Yes website to check on your request status.
  5. Will I face any service interruptions during the switch-in process?
    There will not be any service interruption during the switch-in process. However, if you intend to be overseas during the switch-in process, you may need to check with your current service provider if there will be any interruptions for roaming services. There will be no service interruption from Yes.
  6. Can I cancel my request to switch?
    You can cancel your switch-in request if your request is still being processed. Upon successful switch, you will not be able to cancel your request.
  7. Can I decide on the date and time at which my number is switched?
    No, you cannot dictate when your number should be switched. Upon receiving your request to switch, we will automatically send it for processing. You will be notified once the switching validation is completed, and when your new Yes 4G LTE SIM card is activated.
  8. Do I need to cancel my existing service plan before I switch to Yes?
    No, you do not have to cancel your existing service plan. Your existing services with your current mobile service provider will automatically be terminated once you have successfully switched to Yes.
  9. Do I get a new SIM card when I switch to Yes?
    Yes, we will provide you with a new Yes 4G LTE SIM card when you switch to Yes.
  10. Can my number be switched without my permission?
    No, it cannot be done without your permission. Yes must verify the customer’s request and validate the supporting documents before it can proceed with the switch-in process.
  11. What if one of my supplementary line holders does not want to switch?
    As the principal account holder, you will need to visit your existing mobile service provider to terminate the relevant supplementary line. The supplementary line holder will then need to re-register as a principal account holder. Once this process is completed, then you as the primary principal account holder can make the switch to Yes.
  12. Can I switch my number to other service providers more than once?
    Yes, but you cannot make more than one MNP request within the same period of time to different mobile service providers.
  13. How long does it take to switch to Yes?
    The process will not take more than 1 to 2 business days for individual line switching.
  14. How much do I have to pay to switch to Yes?
    This request is free of charge.
  15. Is there any contract that I have to commit if I request to switch to Yes?
    There is no contractual commitment for the switching request itself. Any contract will be based on what service plans you choose to subscribe with Yes. Some of our plans may have contractual commitments. You can ask our customer service for clarification and to find out more.
  16. Can I switch my number to Yes Postpaid if I am a prepaid customer? Can I switch my number to Yes Prepaid if I am a postpaid customer?
    Yes, you can request to switch to any of our Yes Postpaid or Yes Prepaid plans.
  17. What will happen to my unbilled usage made with my current mobile service provider while waiting to switch to Yes?
    You will have to pay your current mobile service provider for any unbilled usage once you have received the invoice, even after you have successfully switched to Yes. Otherwise, you will be blacklisted by your current mobile service provider for non-settlement of outstanding bills.
  18. As a walk-in customer, may I authorise a third party to help me switch to Yes?
    To switch to Yes, you have to be present at our Yes Store/Kiosk.
  19. What will happen to my balance data tonnage/prepaid credit after I have switched to Yes?
    Your balance data/prepaid credit with your current mobile service provider will NOT be carried over to Yes upon successful switch, regardless of whether you switch as prepaid or postpaid customer. Kindly ensure your existing line is still active until the switch-in process is completed.
  20. If I have signed-up for a Yes bundle package but the switch-in request fails, what will happen to my contractual obligation under the bundle package?
    You will be provided with a temporary Yes 4G LTE SIM Card and number upon purchase of your bundle package. This temporary Yes 4G LTE SIM Card will continue whilst you resubmit your switch-in request after clearing all outstanding matters with your existing service provider.
    If your switch-in request is still rejected, you can either continue using the temporary Yes number as your permanent number. If you would like to terminate the bundle package and service, you will be charged the prescribed early termination fee as stated in your bundle package contract.
  21. Who can I contact if my request to switch to Yes fails?
    You may contact Yes Care at 018 333 0000 or email us via
  22. Can I port out of Yes after I have submitted a request to terminate my Yes account?
    Once you have submitted your application to terminate your Yes service, your Yes account will be considered inactive during the termination process, and you will not be able to switch your number to other service providers.